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Akel Homes Elevates Community and Environmental Responsibility in Port St. Lucie with Sundance Development

Port St. Lucie, FL – Akel Homes, a renowned South Florida-based residential developer, is setting new standards in community design and environmental stewardship with its latest project, Sundance (formerly known as Wilson Groves), located in the burgeoning southwestern region of the city of Port St. Lucie, FL. This innovative development not only showcases Akel Homes’ commitment to quality construction but also underscores its dedication to sustainable and responsible urban planning.

Sundance, a meticulously planned residential community, is at the forefront of integrating environmental preservation with modern living. Central to this initiative is the development of Becker Road, a project that embodies Akel Homes’ vision for safer, more beautiful, and interconnected communities. Upon completion later this year, Becker Road will connect Village Parkway to Range Line Road.

Alex Akel, President of Akel Homes, emphasized the company’s holistic approach to development, stating, “At Akel Homes, our passion for quality construction is not limited to just homes but extends to roads as well. When designing Becker Road, we advocated for a divided median to provide a safer roadway section. In addition, we sourced and relocated over twenty mature oak trees from within Sundance to give Becker Road a polished and enhanced landscape appearance. Furthermore, we are including 12’ and 10’ shared-use pathways within the right of way to create a new mobility and multi-modal corridor which will connect to other future roadways and adjacent developments. Becker Road sets the precedent for how roads should be constructed balancing safety, the encouragement of multimodal transit uses, and overall aesthetics.”

This commitment was recently highlighted in a local news story by WPBF, which showcased Akel Homes’ decision to transplant large oak trees rather than opting for smaller, less mature replacements. This effort not only preserves the natural beauty of the area but also contributes to the sustainability and ecological health of the community.

Sundance is a testament to Akel Homes’ dedication to creating spaces that promote a higher quality of life. The development will offer a range of modern, energy-efficient homes that cater to diverse lifestyles, all while fostering a sense of belonging and connection among residents. In the coming months, Akel Homes will introduce the first community at Sundance.

Akel Homes continues to push the boundaries of traditional development, proving that it is possible to balance growth with environmental and social responsibility. Sundance is not just a place to live; it’s a model for future communities aspiring to make a positive impact on the world.

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