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Akel Homes Proudly Extends Sponsorship of Dine Around Town Event for Third Consecutive Year in Collaboration with Levis JCC’s Special Needs Department

Akel Homes is delighted to announce the ongoing partnership with the Levis Jewish Community Center (JCC) Helene & Roy Schwedelson Special Needs Department for the third year in a row. The collaboration brings to life the heartwarming Dine Around Town program, a cherished initiative that provides individuals with unique abilities the opportunity to enjoy monthly outings to diverse local restaurants for socialization, entertainment, and culinary delight.

This month, the Dine Around Town program ventured to the delightful Amante/Bob’s Pizza in Deerfield Beach, and the event was nothing short of a resounding success, boasting an unprecedented record attendance of 21 participants.

The Dine Around Town program has become a beacon of inclusivity, fostering a sense of community and belonging among its attendees. These monthly outings offer individuals with special needs a chance to experience the joy of dining out while engaging with their peers.

Akel Homes is proud to underwrite the program, stating that it aligns with their commitment to supporting the local community and enhancing the quality of life for all residents. By extending our sponsorship for the third year running, Akel Homes continues to demonstrate our dedication to fostering a more inclusive and connected community.

Partnering with the Levis JCC's Special Needs Department and their Dine Around Town program has been an incredibly rewarding experience for Akel Homes. Seeing the program grow and witnessing the joy it brings to these individuals is truly heartwarming. We are honored to play a part in this wonderful initiative. - Lauren Zinn, Director of Marketing

For more information about Akel Homes and their community involvement, please visit www. https://akelhomes.com/akel-cares/.

To learn more about the Levis JCC Helene & Roy Schwedelson Special Needs Department and their programs, visit https://levisjcc.org/special/.

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