Sales Policy

At Akel Homes, We Sell Residences On A “First Come, First Serve” Basis, On The Current Availability Of Homes, Only To Prospective Buyers Who Comply With Akel Homes’ “Sale Policy” Guidelines Established Herein.

Seller makes no representation to prospective buyers as to the proposed purchase price of any home not yet released for sale. Price of home is subject to change without notice. Any estimated purchase price discussed is for pre-qualification purposes only and is not to be considered an offer or intent to sell at a specific price. Homes may also be subject to option costs and/or location premiums, which are established at the time the home is released for sale.

Consideration to purchase will first be given to buyers who qualify non–contingent. A non–contingent buyer is one whose funds for the purchase are liquid and are readily available for withdrawal without the sale of any real property (i.e. the sale of a home or other real estate). Akel reserves the right to not sell to buyers who are contingent upon the sale and or close of escrow of any real property, however, Akel may consider buyers with contingencies on a case by case basis.

Akel reserves the right to pre-sell any home prior to it being offered to the public.

Akel is an Equal Housing Opportunity Builder and does not discriminate based on age, color, creed, religion, age, gender, physical disability, marital status or national origin.

If an email address is given as a point of contact, please be aware that certain servers, spam blockers or human error may prevent receipt of Akel communications to the prospect. Akel will send email release announcements, but only as a courtesy. It is the sole responsibility of the prospective buyer to follow-up for release information.

Any buyer who has an open escrow at any other Akel community will not be allowed to purchase until the existing escrow has closed. Akel reserves the right to limit the number of homes that are in escrow at one time.

Akel requires that all prospective buyers provide an initial good faith deposit at the time of contract. The acceptable forms of payment include cashier’s check or personal check made payable to Akel Homes, LLC. Please be advised that additional deposits may also be required.

Akel reserves the right to change, modify, and/or establish additional “Sales Policies” pertaining to “Sales Releases” not contained herein. Please ask an Akel Sales Representative for further details in this matter.


Akel Homes values our relationships with the local brokers in our communities. A commission will be paid to a Broker when the Broker complies with the policies and procedures below and in accordance with the Broker Participation Agreement to be entered into between the Broker and the community developer. The following are some of our policies and procedures for establishing and maintaining these relationships.

Buyer Registration: All prospective Buyers will complete a Traffic Registration Form upon their initial visit to a Akel Homes community. That form will provide the Buyer an opportunity to indicate whether they are working with a Broker or one of Broker’s Agents, and if so, provide the Broker’s name and contact information. If the Buyer registers without identifying a Broker or Broker’s Agent, no Broker will be eligible to receive a commission for that Buyer’s purchase.

Broker Registration: Broker or one of Broker’s Agents must be present during the Buyer’s initial visit to the community and must complete a Broker Registration Form at that time. If not present during the Buyer’s initial visit but the Buyer has indicated they are working with the Broker on the Traffic Registration Form, the Broker may visit the sales office and complete the Broker Registration Form within 2 days of the Buyer’s initial visit. The Broker Registration does not guarantee a commission payment. The Broker determined to be representing the Buyer at the time of Contract is the Broker who will be paid the commission on the purchase and sale.

Buyer Representation: Upon execution of the Broker Registration Form, the Broker will have the exclusive right to represent the Buyer in connection with the purchase of a home in the community for a period of 90 days. The Broker Registration Form does not guarantee a commission payment. If within ninety (90) days of the initial visit, a contract is executed and the transaction closes, commission will be deemed earned and payable (within three (3) days following closing) to the Broker who is designated as the Buyer’s Broker on the Broker Participation Agreement (separate and apart from this Broker Registration Form). In the event of any default by the Buyer, no commission shall be paid to earned or paid. Broker will fully disclose the relationship to Buyer and will acknowledge that Broker does not represent Seller.

Once a Buyer has visited any Akel Homes’ community without identifying a Broker or if any 90 day protection period expires, no commission will be paid to any Broker for that Buyer’s purchase unless Broker re-registers Buyer after 1 year elapses from that Buyer’s last contact with any Akel Homes’ community. Broker registration starts over with each new community.

Commissions: Commissions may be different at each community, but are generally 3% of the net purchase price (i.e., base purchase price of the home plus lot premium, not including any options, less all credits and promotional discounts). Commissions are payable at closing only if and after the transaction actually closes. If closing does not occur for any reason whatsoever, no commission will be earned or paid. Broker must have an active Florida Real Estate License in order to earn commission. Brokers may not refund, rebate, or otherwise reimburse Buyer for any portion of the commission earned.

Marketing: Broker, its agents and/or representatives are not permitted to:

  • Copy or use any materials of Seller, Akel Homes or any of Seller’s or Akel Homes’ logos on any of your websites or in any of your marketing materials including, without limitation, text, floor plans, site plans, elevations, renderings, illustrations, videos, graphics, photographs and/or images.
  • Use the name of our projects, Seller, Akel Homes or other trademark of Akel Homes (or any derivations thereof) in any internet or website domain name.
  • Use any project name or other trademark (or any derivations thereof) of Seller or Akel Homes as part of the name of your brokerage company or any division thereof.
  • Include any hidden metadata in any of your websites containing any project name or other trademark (or any derivations thereof) of Seller or Akel Homes.
  • Refund or rebate any portion of your Commission, Bonus or other compensation to Purchaser.

All references to Seller, Akel Homes, a Akel Homes project name, a floor plan, model or other item of Seller or Akel Homes appearing on any website page of Broker shall only be used as hyperlinks to Akel Homes’ webpages and content utilizing hyperlinks provided by Akel Homes which shall be made available to Broker upon request.